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Voip.com – Reviews and Experiences 2021

Rising phone bills have caused businesses and residential homeowners alike to look for cheaper alternatives to make and receive phone calls. A viable contender has emerged in voip.com. In this review, we take a look at the features and services voip.com offers and whether you or your business should make the switch.

Voip.com uses the VoIP (Voice over IP) protocol, which was originally was created in 1973, but didn’t see any notable usage until the late 1990s-onward. VoIP works by converting phone calls into data and transferring it over the internet, similar to sending an email or uploading a video to Youtube. Even though VoIP requires the internet to work, it is still capable of making and receiving calls from landlines and cell phones, as well as calling emergency services.

For Whom is voip.com Ideal?

Voip.com was created for both business and personal use. With that being said, it is ideal for those seeking to cut their phone bill. However, a constant internet connection is required to use voip.com, which means those who live in areas where internet access is scarce or too slow will find that voip.com brings more problems than solutions.


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Domestic Plan

$ 12 50 /month

  • Free US & Canada Calling
  • Free Second Line
  • 60 Free Minutes to over 55 countries
  • Keep Your Number


  • Cheaper than a landline phone service
  • Offers international calling (more on that below)
  • Unlimited calling
  • Failsafe™ (forwards calls to an alternative number in case of a power outage or internet failure)
  • Ability to keep your number (for personal use)
  • SIP trunking (for business use)
  • Toll-Free lines
  • Fax Supporrt
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarentee


  • Requires a high speed internet connection in order to work
  • Latency may cause dropped calls or poor call quality
  • Requires a second, functioning phone number in order for Failsafe™ to work
  • Cannot be used with home security systems
  • Uses a hefty chunk of bandwidth, which may slow down internet speeds for other devices on the network
  • Dial-up connections are not supported

International VoIP Calls

Voip.net supports international calling, and as a bonus, it offers 60 or 1200 free international minutes every month. Calling to Canada is free and it offers low rates for calling other countries. Voip.com also offers direct international calling, so you no longer need to use access codes to call your friends, family, or customers abroad.

Voip.com Features

Voip.com offers over 45 features from both home and business use. For an added cost, you can use virtual numbers to establish a “local” number and make long-distance calls for the price of using a local number.

Click2Call is another notable feature that allows you to call away from home using a different phone while still using your voip.com number. It also supports conference calls up to 3 people and offers an additional free second line.

Voip.com Pricing

Voip.com plans are split between domestic and world plans. The world plan comes with 1200 free international minutes to over 55 countries, while the domestic plan only comes with 60 free international minutes. Here are the different plans available (for personal and business use):

World Plans (taxes not included)

  • 24 Month Plan – $19.95 per month
  • 1 Year Plan – $22.95 per month
  • Monthly Plan – $24.95 per month
  • Prepaid Yearly Plan – $179.95 per year (14.99 per month)

Domestic Plans (taxes not included)

  • 24 Month Plan – $14.95 per month
  • 1 Year Plan – $16.95 per month
  • Monthly Plan – $19.95 per month
  • Prepaid Yearly Plan – $149.95 per year ($12.50 per month)

Compared to most landline providers, voip.com offers phone services at a significantly lower rate, offering most, if not all, the services a traditional landline offers at practically half the cost.

Voip.com Customer Service

Voip.com maintains an FAQ that can be used to answer potential and current customers most pressing questions or concerns. They also have a forum with agents, telephone service providers, and internet moderating, all able to assist you 24/7. Voip.com also has dedicated support page used to troubleshoot any hardware or calling issues, as well as assist you through the setup process. Finally, voip.com provides a 7-days-a-week support hotline where you can speak to customer support agents or navigate the automated menu for help.


For most people, the services that voip.com offers will be fine. It is loaded with features and works just like a normal landline, except through the internet and at half the cost. Provided that you have fast broadband internet, you or your business will benefit from making the switch to voip.com.

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User Experiences

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2 User Reviews

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Our business has a call centre and we have been using a telephony system – we just felt that we had to modernise our operations and switch to VoIP. We settled on VoIP.com and their contact centre package is exceptional. The automatic call distribution feature is a really neat tool and it helps our customers get to the right representative in a flash. The outbound contact centre features are also really good – we like the preview dialler function, and the predictive dialler function too – they really speed up the process and help our call centre reps improve their efficiency. I would recommend VoIP.com to anyone!
  • Price/Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Features
We were initially attracted by the fact that VoIP.com claims to offer 70% savings on traditional telephone systems – I don’t think that this figure was 100% true but it wasn’t a far of estimate. Either way we definitely saved a great deal! The monthly cost is next to nothing and the features included make this package one of the best I have seen. We went with the Cloud PBX service and are completely happy with what we have been given. We love the virtual receptionist and call recording features and the fact that there is a mobile app too is a nice addition.