What support options are available for Jive VoIP customers?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: JiveWhat support options are available for Jive VoIP customers?
Darren asked 3 years ago

Before we jump into this we want to be sure that if we have any issues there will be someone available to speak too. So what support does Jive provide? Is there a contact number? Is there something like a support ticket system? Is there any self-help videos or FAQs that we could use?

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Garreth answered 3 years ago

If you want to look at the changelogs for updates then you can find these in the release section. Obviously Jive updates their service periodically and each new update brings a host of changes – anything they change can be found here.

Eddard answered 3 years ago

Jive has a dedicated support section with a host of different categories including downloads, status, glossary and lets talk. Downloads includes links to the downloads such as the Jive app and Google Chrome Integration. Status takes the user to a status monitoring page which shows the current operational status of different Jive services. The glossary obviously provides a list of terms and technical jargon if you want to brush up on your VoIP skills lol. Finally, lets talk takes you to a contact section and provides a link to the submit a ticket feature.

Warren answered 3 years ago

Yes there is a support ticket system – if you go onto the support page and then the “lets talk” button, from there you should see a large “submit a ticket” button too. The ticket form is quite straight forward – you just have to fill out your name, email, company name, contact number, subject of issue and message. It states that you should try and be as specific as possible. The only downside to this support ticket method is that you can’t upload files such as screenshots to help solve your problems quicker.

Tim answered 3 years ago

There is a dedicated support phone number yes – 877-548-3003 I would suggest ringing this if you want help with anything as it appears to be the most direct form of contact 🙂

Riley answered 3 years ago

Yes they have a host of self-help features too. If you look at the “browse support” section you can find such things as phone guides and a video collection. The video collection is really useful if you want to learn more and improve your own knowledge. The videos provide guides on how to perform various tasks such as how to check voicemail and how to use phone features.

Elliot answered 3 years ago

The basic support section itself has some headings at the top of the page – if you click on these then you can click on sub categories too and find out different information about the Jive Voice service.