What price plans does 8×8 offer?

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Kerry asked 3 years ago

Our business wants to get in our mind at least three different comparisons of VoIP services therefore we want to know what prices 8×8 offers. Can we look at the prices plans 8×8 offers online? What different packages do they provide? Any info you can provide is a benefit.

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Warren answered 3 years ago

8×8 actually offers three different price plans for business VoIP – Edition x2, Edition x5 and Edition x8. Edition x2 is the basic plan and Edition x8 is the top price plan. Each subsequent plan has more international minutes and countries than the last, together with a greater number of features.

Phillip answered 3 years ago

Edition x2 is the basic plan and this has unlimited international calling to 14 countries. Unlimited internet fax, 1gb of media storage, access to mobile and desktop apps and virtual office. Furthermore you can use the 8×8 instant messaging system, voicemail, HD voice, secure voice and single sign-on feature. Finally you can have conference calls with up to 5 participants.

Larry answered 3 years ago

The next plan up is the Edition x5 plan and this has all of the features of the Edition x2 plan as the person described above. You can have international calls to 32 countries though and 5gb of media storage in total. This price plan also features call recording and an operator switchboard too which is a cool feature.

Derrick answered 3 years ago

Finally, the top price plan is the Edition x8 (guess that’s why they are called 8×8 lol?). This plan has everything from both the Edition x2 and edition x5 together with a host of other features too. This plan gives access to unlimited international calling for 46 countries and boosts the media storage to 10gb. Furthermore you can have conference calls with a whopping 50 participants (imagine that!. Also, you have features such as inbound contact centre, virtual office call and salesforce analytics.

Ryan answered 3 years ago

You may wonder why none of these people have listed prices? That’s because there are no prices on the 8×8 website! This has to be the only VoIP provider that has taken this approach and I am not sure if it’s a good idea or not. You basically have to request a quote with their sales team to gain an idea of their prices.