What price plans are available through VoIP.com?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: voip.comWhat price plans are available through VoIP.com?
Julio asked 3 years ago

Nice and simple – I am looking at choosing a VoIP service for my business and I have been considering VoIP.com/Broadvoice. I am struggling to find information about the different packages available so I wondered if anyone could shed some light on the subject? What price plans are available and what does each one have to offer?

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Mariam answered 3 years ago

VoIP.com has several different price plans available. We actually chose the 24 month term plan which offered one of the cheapest prices (except the pre paid option) and for what you get we thought it was a really good value for money. You get over 40 different features and you also get 1 hour of international calling per month included in that price too which is a cool addition. If you have the cash available then the pre-paid option could be beneficial due to the lower price, but we were happy to use the $14.95 per month plan.

Anthony answered 3 years ago

From what I can see, VoIP.com has four different price plans – 24 month term at $14.95, 12 month term at $16.95, month to month at $19.95 and a pre paid 1 year contract at $12.50 per month i.e. a one off cost of $149.95 up front. In comparison to other VoIP service prices VoIP.com is certainly on par with its prices – definitely a cheap option. I think there is a small startup fee though too but only around $30.00 and that’s a one-off payment.

Joe answered 3 years ago

They advertise savings of up to 66% against traditional telephony systems and your existing phone bill which is a bold claim to make! When you look at the price though and what you receive it is easy to see how this statement is true. I just wanted to point out that when you have chosen your package you can proceed to the payment page immediately and purchase the package instantly.

Shane answered 3 years ago

Regarding the price, there is also a 30 day money back guarantee which is quite a nice touch – you could always try the service, see what its like, and if you weren’t satisfied just get your money back!