What price packages does Vokophone offer?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VokoPhoneWhat price packages does Vokophone offer?
Jeoffrey asked 3 years ago

Our business has been looking at switching to a VoIP provider and so far we have looked at Nextiva, 8×8 and Grasshopper; we are now looking at Vokophone. We are mainly concerned with price – we are a small business therefore we don’t have unlimited funds to spend on a VoIP. We want good value for money and a service that still provides great functionality – does Vokophone offer this? Do people consider Vokophone to be reasonably priced?

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Lilly answered 3 years ago

I have looked into Vokophone myself too for our small business and I am still not 100% sure on their pricing so I haven’t perused using them. I have checked out their resources and products pages on their website and it seems a little hazy. From what I can see there are three different price plans but I can’t seem to find what each one offers – business phone service, PBX SIP trunks and Hotel Phone Trunks are the three different packages ranging from $17.99 up to $89.99 per month. Maybe I am missing something and have not looked properly?

Chris answered 3 years ago

Yes the guy above is right, there are three packages – for your use I think you would be looking at the business phone service for $19.99 per month. This is the package for small to medium sizes businesses from what I can see. This package also claims to have 20-40% cost savings but against what I am not sure? Maybe it means cost savings against the price of a telephony system or other VoIP providers? I think the features that are included in that price are listed below if you scroll down – thats how I understood it anyway.

Charlotte answered 3 years ago

The business phone service package will be the one that you want at $19.99 per month. Well the price actually depends on how many users you have and it works out cheaper to have more users on the system. For example, it costs $34.99 for the business phone service for 1-3 users, and then $29.99 per month for 4-10 users. So the best value package is actually the $19.99 per month which allows you 100+ users and should be more than adequate for any small to medium sizes business. There is literally no point purchasing one of the other packages – you may as well just go for the 100+ and then you can always scale up as your business expands.

Nelly answered 3 years ago

I would just like to point out that all of the Vokophone packages come with unlimited calling and faxing and unlimited long distance calls too. Furthermore, there is no setup fee or activation fee – that $19.99 per month (or whichever package you choose) is literally all you pay – no hidden fees or anything. As far as I can see, all of the standard features are included within the price too – some VoIP providers actually charge more for some features such as voicemail and international calling for example.

Michael answered 3 years ago

Within the price the phones and software is also pre configured which is a really nice touch and great value for money – you don’t really have to do a great deal at all!