What is the main contact method for Grasshopper VoIP?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: GrasshopperWhat is the main contact method for Grasshopper VoIP?
Merissa asked 3 years ago

We are considering using Grasshopper VoIP and we just wanted to talk to someone or find out more info. Which is the best contact method to get some help? We would prefer to speak to someone direct so either a phone number or a live chat feature preferably, but I guess any contact option would do?

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Shanice answered 3 years ago

The MAIN contact method for Grasshopper is undoubtedly the phone line – they promote this phone line on various parts of their website. The customer service line is open 24/7 and 365 days a year which is quite spectacular really. I think they outsource some of their customer service to a third party call centre during standard out of office hours but you can indeed get in touch with someone at any time of the day.

William answered 3 years ago

Their website shows the phone number and also several other contact methods including a fax line (corporate or sales/support), and an address to send a letter – 320 Summer Street, Boston, MA, 02210. I think that the main method of contact is also the phone line – try using the toll free number 800-920-8210.

Wayne answered 3 years ago

Once you are actually a Grasshopper customer you can raise a support ticket for on-going issues – if you want to write something down and have traceability then this is the best method of contact.

Dillan answered 3 years ago

On the contact page they actually list four different email contacts too which could be helpful if you want to jot down some ideas. There is a contact email for sales, billing, support and careers. When you click on one of these links you are taken to a separate page and a contact form you can fill out – the form is simple and there are several drop down lists to pick.

Tiara answered 3 years ago

They actually have several social media outlets too – Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. You can leave them a direct tweet on Twitter or post on their wall/send them a message through messenger using Facebook. I know these aren’t as conventional, but you should get an answer quite quickly!