What is the general consensus on 8×8?

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Mcandrew asked 3 years ago

By consensus I mean is it a good company! What reviews can I find on the 8×8 VoIP service? I want to know if this provider is worthwhile and if they will provide my business with a suitable product. If you can point me in the right direction of any reviews, websites or testimonials then that would help give me a clearer picture of this company as a whole.

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Hollly answered 3 years ago

If you look on the customer page then you can see a host of case studies and customer reviews of the 8×8 service. Furthermore, on the business page you can see a breakdown of the different industries 8×8 servers and for each of these pages there is a customer review too. I would always take these reviews with a pinch of salt but they do provide some useful information.

Abbey answered 3 years ago

PC Mag actually has a decent review of the 8×8 service. They outline the different pros and cons and provide a bottom line statement about the service too. Basically they say that the service is a premier VoIP offering and that the communications system and quality is almost perfect!

Vera answered 3 years ago

Check out the reviews on this website – https://www.top10voipproviderreviews.com/8×8/. You can find a host of questions and answers, and a full review section that details everything about the service too. Also there is a user experiences section that has a load of short reviews from customers – it’s a really good read – I’ve looked at the reviews for several different VoIP providers from this site.

Tim answered 3 years ago

We’ve used 8×8 VoIP and we have always been satisfied with the service. The quality of the VoIP line and calls themselves is virtually perfect and we can’t fault that aspect of all. Furthermore, the customer service is second to none – they have always helped us out in a flash.