What is the full list of features provided in the Grasshopper VoIP service?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: GrasshopperWhat is the full list of features provided in the Grasshopper VoIP service?
Billy asked 3 years ago

We aren’t too concerned about price – we just hope to make a saving on our current telephony service and in return receive a system that is packed full of useful features. So what can we expect from grasshopper VoIP? Do they have things like extension dialling and call forwarding? What basic features are there that improve a phone system?

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Brian answered 3 years ago

Right where do we start…. Toll free numbers, local numbers, keep your existing number, custom main greeting, extensions, music on hold, name directory, unlimited call handling, voice studio, call forwarding, call screening, voicemail, fax to email, business sms, read your voicemail, store hours/directions, call routing extensions and fax on demand.. boom!

Oleg answered 3 years ago

To expand on a few of these features that you may not understand – store hours/directions is a cool feature that lets you add important business information on a pre-recorded message to one of your extensions – for example a customer could press option 1 and would then be read your company address and opening times. The call routing extensions is also a nice touch – you can basically have multiple people on hold at once and then route those people on hold exactly where you want them to go in a logical manner.

Megan answered 3 years ago

I think the first post here sums up the features nicely! All of these features are available in all three packages I think but if someone could just confirm that. The full feature list can be found here – https://grasshopper.com/how-it-works-and-features/. The name directory looks to be a fantastic feature – you can add all of your employees and contacts into the directory together with a photo and then users and customers can search through the directory to quickly find who they are looking for. If you have a large organisation then this can really improve your communication and efficiency.

Paul answered 3 years ago

The hold music is a really good feature. With some phone services you can only choose from a list of pre-recorded hold music. But with Grasshopper you can actually upload your own custom hold music! So you could choose a nice piece of contemporary music, or you could even record a custom greeting. You could record your own hold music and include promotions, offers and information about your business a customer may find useful whilst they are waiting – it’s a great potential marketing tool. You would obviously need recording equipment and sound editing software, but if you were serious you could enlist the services of a recording company etc.

Shelly answered 3 years ago

One of the most simple features, but one of the most important is the way that extensions are managed. Each employee or user can have their own extension and you can transfer calls by extension, you can also dial by extension too. We find that this saves a great deal of time in remembering full telephone numbers and it adds a whole new level of professionalism to your business. One more thing – business sms – you can basically send text messages using Grasshopper. Although it does cost extra, it is still worthwhile especially for external reps!