What is the full list of features offered by Jive VoIP?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: JiveWhat is the full list of features offered by Jive VoIP?
Mathew asked 3 years ago

We want to know exactly what we can expect from the VoIP service offered by Jive. Features are a key factor of our final decision – we don’t want a limited VoIP service that has little to offer over a traditional telephony service. In our opinion, a VoIP should have loads of useful features that enhances your company’s telephone system. So what does Jive have to offer?

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Franklin answered 3 years ago

The basic voice features include auto attendants, call barge, call logs, call monitoring, call recording, conference calling, corporate directory, customer greetings, custom hold music, custom messages, dial by extension and dial by name – pretty comprehensive if you ask me! That is just the basic features too, there is also the call management features and call centre features.

Johan answered 3 years ago

If you are looking for call management features then Jive can deliver too! 🙂 Their list of call management features includes auto divert, auto reject, call forwarding, call history, call hold, call park, call queues, call routing, call transfers, call waiting, caller ID, do not disturb, extension transfers, missed call indicator and multiple lines per call.

Brian answered 3 years ago

If you have a call centre and you want a VoIP service that can improve their efficiency then certainly give Jive Voice a try! Their call centre features are fantastic. Some of the features include the ability to create calling strategies, custom queue hold music, pre-call announcement, queue call barge, queue call spy and customer queue hold message. These features can transform a basic call centre into the next level operation!

Allen answered 3 years ago

The phone features are superb too – many people forget the basic phone operation and VoIP service as they are taken for granted. Firstly you can take your existing phone numbers and transfer them to Jive VoIP using their number porting service. Furthermore you can benefit from set-rate international calling and toll-free numbers too.

Jay answered 3 years ago

One of the best features we have found for Jive Voice is the custom hold music option. You can either choose hold music from the list of pre-recorded Jive tracks, or alternatively you can actually record and upload your own hold music/message. Obviously you would need recording equipment and sound editing, but you can really improve your hold function by recording your own message – we recorded one and uploaded it and our customers have commented on how useful they found it.