What is the cheapest VoIP studio price plan available?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VoipStudioWhat is the cheapest VoIP studio price plan available?
Pam asked 3 years ago

We run a business that doesn’t have a huge amount of excess funds therefore our main concern when choosing a VoIP service is price. We ultimately want a VoIP solution that offers fantastic value for money – I know we may be expecting the world here but I don’t think it is too much to ask for a cheap price together with the basic features we need to run an effective VoIP system. What price plans does VoIP Studio offer and which one is the cheapest?

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Pricsilla answered 3 years ago

£3.99! That’s the cheapest plan they offer and I think you will be hard pressed to find another VoIP service that offers such a cheap rate! This £3.99 is actually per user per month, so if you had 5 business users then the monthly cost would be £19.95 effectively. Still though that is a great price, especially considering you get access to all the standard features such as auto attendant and call recording – many VoIP providers don’t offer these features as standard.

Dorothy answered 3 years ago

As the guy above said, the cheapest price is £3.99 per month per user, the other packages are £9.99 per month per user, and £19.99 per month per user. The £9.99 package is the national package and basically includes 2000 minutes per month for each user for any national calls.

Lewis answered 3 years ago

Don’t forget that the first package i.e. the 3.99 per user per month is actually a pay as you go package. Therefore that price doesn’t include any minutes – so you still have to factor in the call costs. Also, there is a £4.99 setup fee per user, so that £3.99 per month although it looks a superb deal, is not the actual price – just make sure you do your research properly and that you understand the other potential costs 🙂

Elliot answered 3 years ago

You can cancel any of the price plans at any time for no cost so if you sign up and find out that the cost is much more than expect you can always cancel with VoIP Studio 😐

William answered 3 years ago

We think that the VoIP pay as you go package is still great value – especially for a small business. You can basically pay for exactly the number of staff you have, and you can also expand your VoIP system if you expand your business and employ additional staff members. This method of pricing gives you a great degree of control – some VoIP systems require that you pay a flat rate regardless of how many users you have, so you could end up paying more and not even benefit from the full value of the monthly rate.