What is the cheapest price plan Grasshopper has to offer?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: GrasshopperWhat is the cheapest price plan Grasshopper has to offer?
Scarlette asked 3 years ago

We are currently comparing prices between the various VoIP providers. We would like to keep the bill as cheap as possible but obviously we don’t want to sacrifice quality for price. What is the cheapest price plan Grasshopper offers and what other price plans are available? What is included in these different price plans?

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Tony answered 3 years ago

Three price planes – Solo, Partner and Small Business. In my opinion all three price plans are vastly overpriced! $49 per month for only three numbers and 6 extensions? Wow! That is literally nothing – you have to go to the final small business plan if you actually want to get a decent amount of extensions for your business – quite disappointing really!

Bruce answered 3 years ago

The Solo price plan is the cheapest, but if you have a small business then you can’t get by on this one. The solo plan is basically for a single person i.e. an entrepreneur or a freelancer. This plan only gives you 1 phone number and 3 different extensions for $24.00 per month. Although this is the cheapest plan I don’t think it would be suitable for your needs!

Nick answered 3 years ago

Solo is meant for single business people and comes in at $24 per month – this still includes all of the basic VoIP features provided by Grasshopper but obviously is no good for a small business. Next we have the partner plan which weighs in at $49.00 per month – this could be OK for a small small business as it has 3 numbers and 6 extensions – still not a great number though. Finally we have the most expensive one at $89 per month which is the small business package – this is actually probably most useful for your needs as it gives unlimited extensions and 5 phone numbers.

Stan answered 3 years ago

I should point out that with the Small Business package you get texting and voicemail transcription included which are two really good features – they say this retails at $60 per month which is a bargain. Also, you have to remember that you get a large variety of features that other VoIP providers charge extra for such as hold music and conference call facilities – yes the monthly price is a little high, but you do get a great VoIP service in return! 🙂

Steven answered 3 years ago

The small business plan which is the one you would most likely go for includes unlimited minutes, 24/7 support, voicemail, custom greetings, desktop and mobile app access,  inbound fax, plus all the features listed on the features page. One important thing to note is that you can actually pay a one-off sum of $75 and use Grasshoppers voice talents to record a custom message or hold music message for you!