What is the best method of contact to speak to a customer service rep?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VonageWhat is the best method of contact to speak to a customer service rep?
Debbie asked 3 years ago

I want to speak to a rep or a member of the customer service team to gain some more information about the VoIP service. What contact methods are available for Vonage VoIP and which would you rate as the most effective method? I don’t mind speaking to someone on the phone, but a live chat would be fine too – any advice you can provide would be great!

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Ralphie answered 3 years ago

They have a dedicated phone line for their customer service team that is split into two different categories. There is the phone line for home users and small businesses using the Vonage Box, and then there is a phone line for Vonage business users. If you want to speak to someone direct then this is definitely the best method in my opinion.

Clara answered 3 years ago

The phone numbers are as follows – Residential/Small business: 0207 993 9000, and the Business phone number: 0203 021 1800. The business line is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week which is really beneficial, especially if you encounter an error during an unusual hour. The residential number is open Mon-Fri 8am to 7pm but not on public holidays.

Sanford answered 3 years ago

You can email them if you want to have something writing or receive a response that you can refer back to. If you go on their support page then you can click on “ask” and you can then fill out an email form – you can select a category and also fill out as much detail as you can to help with your issue.

Gray answered 3 years ago

I didn’t realise until recent but they have a live chat too. If you look on the right hand side then you can see the live chat button. I think this is only for use for sales enquiries though and you can’t get any customer service help through it. You just have to give your name first and then the chat window is opened – from what I can see it looks like a good service!

Nora answered 3 years ago

Don’t forget that as a Vonage customer you can also raise a support ticket. This is standard procedure and most businesses will provide a support ticket system – this ensures that any problems you have with are dealt properly and that you have a proper reference to log too.