What features does the basic VoIP Studio package offer?

DWQA QuestionsWhat features does the basic VoIP Studio package offer?
Steve asked 3 years ago

We have narrowed down our choices for a VoIP provider and we have got VoIP Studio, Vokophone and 8×8. We want to compare the different features that each of the VoIP providers offer and see which one looks to be the best. So what features can we expect from VoIP Studio? What about call management features and admin management features too? If someone could list the features that would be awesome!

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Martin answered 3 years ago

The business features offered by VoIP studio are superb! They offer a number of different features involved with account management and setting the VoIP service up in the first place. One of the most important features for us was the number porting – basically if you have existing telephone numbers you can transfer them over to VoIP Studio so you don’t have to mess around changing your marketing and re-issuing your documentation etc.

John answered 3 years ago

The technical features are pretty nifty too! They have some good basic features such as call log, speech to text, call barging, hot desking and a company name directory. These simple technical features are things that you need from a VoIP service otherwise there is no point transferring from a telephony system!

Abbey answered 3 years ago

In our opinion VoIP Studio has some amazing features such as call parking and click to call. The basic VoIP system is spot on and has everything you need really. We use the extension dialling feature and the call pickup feature too – this makes answering calls and transferring calls so easy – it literally takes a few clicks and that is it. The contact directory is a nice touch too as you can search through the directory and pick out who you want to call with ease.

Louise answered 3 years ago

When using VoIP Studio you have access to some cool features indeed. We felt that the features are possibly the strongest point of this VoIP provider and when combined with the cheap monthly price you have a great package. We have used the hold music feature which has improved customer service and our customers experience when ringing our call centre. Furthermore, we use the conference calling feature which allows our national offices to communicate much easier.

Debbie answered 3 years ago

Don’t forget the integrations! VoIP Studio actually has a range of integrations that you can add into the VoIP service to extend its functionality. We think this is a cool feature and it has allowed us to take our phone system to the next level. Examples of integrations include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud and Salesforce CRM. The CRM management systems can really help your VoIP platform greatly 🙂 🙂 🙂