What does the Jive voice package include?

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Si asked 3 years ago

We think we have settled on a VoIP provider, and Jive VoIP certainly looks to have a great deal to offer. We are considering the Jive Voice package which appears to be their basic VoIP package. Could someone please let us know what is included within this package? What is the basic price? What features are included etc? Thanks!

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Hera answered 3 years ago

Firstly the basic price is $19.95 per month but this is tired depending on how many users you have. It actually works out cheaper to have more users as the 5th tier package is the cheapest at $19.95 per month which allows for 50+ users. Whereas the 1st tier is $29.95 per month for just 1-4 users – regardless of how many users you have, you may as well pay for the 5th tier and you can always scale the VoIP service if needed.

Nolan answered 3 years ago

Jive Voice offers full control of all aspects of your call routing – all your businesses calls can be managed effectively and you can spread the call workload evenly. Jive Voice also allows you to create call schedules and custom dial plans – this is great for sales cold calling or scheduled maintenance calls etc. You can effectively plan out a months’ worth of calling work in a matter of minutes!

Nelly answered 3 years ago

The standard package for Jive Voice is $19.895 per month (this is for the 50+ user package and anything less than this actually costs more). This package includes all the VoIP features – as far as we can see there are no additional extras so that fee is what you will pay period. One feature that Jive Voice includes is called “find me/follow me” this allows users to actually sequence incoming calls and create a call flow for their own extensions. This feature makes call management that much easier and is not something we have seen other VoIP providers offer.

Millie answered 3 years ago

Jive Voice has a fantastic range of features – we are sure that we haven’t seen another VoIP provider that offers so much! The features are split down into several categories – basic voice features, call management features, call centre features and phone service. Basically anything you can find on this page – https://jive.com/features/ is included in Jive Voice.

Clive answered 3 years ago

If you want more than 100 users for Jive Voice then I would like to point out that you have to request a custom quote. The standard Jive Voice package has a maximum user limit of 100 – anything above that and the price becomes a separate matter.