What basic features does the Ring Central VoIP PBX Could service offer?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: RingCentralWhat basic features does the Ring Central VoIP PBX Could service offer?
Gilbert asked 3 years ago

Straightforward answers please no waffle! What features can we expect as a business if transferring to Ring Central? Auto attendant? Voicemail? Conference calling etc? A comprehensive list or links would be tops, thanks!

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Poppy answered 3 years ago

The hosted PBX services are superb – here is what Ring Central offers – auto receptionist, multi-level IVR, user templates, music on hold, extension, dial by name directory, call monitoring, single sign-on, role-based access control and hot desking. We found the auto receptionist feature out of this world – we made a custom receptionist menu and when our customers ring they can just listen to the options and press the associated button to be taken exactly where they need to be!

Custodia answered 3 years ago

Aside from the hosted PBX services, Ring Central also have some awesome phone service features and device control. The list of features includes caller ID control, RingOut and RingMe functions and a host of different hardware options too such as desk phones, conference phones and analogue adapters. The Ring out and Ring me features are proprietary and basically allow for one touch dialling and one touch call receipt.   

Bert answered 3 years ago

Their call management features are pretty amazing too and we are certainly impressed with this aspect of their business. Different call features include answering rules, call forwarding, automatic call recording, call flip, call park, call screening, shared lines, intercom functionality, paging, call logs, message alerts, analytical reports and missed call notifications – as you can see it’s a really comprehensive list!

Ward answered 3 years ago

If you want conference call functionality then Ring Central really knows their stuff too and all of these features are included for free. You can use Glip to enable tea collaboration, hold HD video meetings, have web conference calls and also video and audio conference calls. When you are using the conference call functionality you can share files and stuff like that too which really helps the content and progression of your meetings.

Edna answered 3 years ago

Don’t forget about the voicemail! The VoIP system has basic voicemail functionality as standard which is cool. But they also offer voicemail to email too and also visual management of your voicemails – you can easily archive and store them, and access them from wherever you want using cloud solutions.