What basic features does Nextiva VoIP provide?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: nextivaWhat basic features does Nextiva VoIP provide?
Susan asked 3 years ago

I am looking at several different VoIP providers and I am stuck between Grasshopper, VoiP.com and Nextiva. I am currently looking at all three and trying to figure out which one has the best features – features arte important for our business. I need a versatile system that has a lot to offer otherwise there is no point switching to a VoIP system – I might as well just stick with our current telephony system. So what features does Nextiva VoIP have to offer?

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Woden answered 3 years ago

If you want features then Nextiva certainly has a great deal to offer! We choose this VoIP provider mainly due to its features and the reasonable price. In terms of the actual VoIP features, Nextiva has many including number portability, auto attendant, conference calling, call queuing and voicemail to email. For use the conferencing features were some of the best and we regularly hold conference calls with our customer and suppliers – we feel this has improved our communication ten fold and really moved our business forward. The voicemail to email is a really nice touch too as it means that we never miss anything and can access voicemails from our computers with ease.

Yyvette answered 3 years ago

We actually use the Nextiva office pro plus package which we felt offered great value at a reasonable price too. What drew us to the package apart from the price was the features – when you look at the Nextiva website the list of features goes on and on, and they are actually useful features too not just gimmicks. The advanced call management features were what we were most impressed with – you can change your preferences and set different work statuses so you can filter and mange your calls easier and disregard unwanted numbers. Furthermore, the virtual faxing feature is really good and useful to help us save paper. Features are one of Nextiva’s strong points!

Harold answered 3 years ago

For us the basic features are what make Nextiva stand out. The HD voice quality is such an underrated thing but for us it is a necessity – we need clarity in our phone calls so the fact that HD voice quality is provided is one of the best features. Furthermore simple features such as the push to talk button and dial by name directory are awesome – these little features just make using the phone service easier and more efficient which is what a VoIP is all about. We have looked at other VoIp providers and felt that they have skated over the smaller features to promote big and brashy things – Nextiva gets the small things right which for us made a difference.

Simon answered 3 years ago

We are actually using the Nextiva office enterprise package which is the most expensive but it still doesn’t cost a huge amount considering what you get in return. The feature we like the most is the HD hold music – we have to have a hold system in place to help our calls flow properly. We can choose the hold music and we have even recorded our own set of promotional messages that we can use as our hold music too – we feel this has really improve the professionalism of our phone system and our customers appear to love it.

Kate answered 3 years ago

We love the auto-attendant feature that Nextiva provides. You know those automated message system your here that help you get to which department you need? One of those! We have created our own through Nextiva and it has helped greatly – our customers can be directed exactly where they need to be. We feel this feature alone has improved the efficiency of our customer service department no end and we are spending less time diverting calls and transferring numbers.