What advanced VoIP features does Onsip provide in its packages?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: onsipWhat advanced VoIP features does Onsip provide in its packages?
Ellie asked 3 years ago

We assume that Onsip VoIP has all the basic call features available – that should be standard with a VoIP provider in our opinion. We would like a little more information about what advanced features Onsip provides. Are there any conference calling features for example or an auto attendant feature? What about hold music or voicemail facilities? If people could point us in the right direction or speak from experience that would be fantastic – thanks!

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Emma answered 3 years ago

I would read some of the other questions as some of the advanced features you actually have to pay for – they are not included for free as part of your package price. These features include Voicemail, hold music and auto attendant feature. Just be sure you are aware of what you are paying for before you sign up to anything!

Miguel answered 3 years ago

 The list of advanced features is expansive for sure! They have several different categories of features including business phone system basics, call centre features, collaboration features and admin features – I would check out their “solutions” page and have a look through what is on offer as there is quite a lot to list haha! You won’t be disappointed however!

Freda answered 3 years ago

The advanced call centre features are great ad we have made extensive use of them! The call centre features include enhanced queue dashboard, instacall, queue reporting, call whisper, Google analytics integration (we simply love this feature!), enhanced queue call recording and queue video on hold. These are just the call centre features too – as the guy pointed out above there is a host of other advanced features to drool over.

Rikkard answered 3 years ago

The advanced admin features make managing the Onsip VoIP system a breeze! You can gather call detail records and there is a reporting dashboard packed full with plenty of features. Furthermore, the admin panel and portal can have unlimited users so the management doesn’t just have to fall to one person. Finally, if you want to get more out of the system, there is a developer API that you can use – this is more advanced but it can extend the functionality of your VoIP greatly!

Glenda answered 3 years ago

Some advanced features we use include integration with Slack, video chat, 5 way conferencing call and extension dialling. We also use the Onsip app too for our smartphones!