Is the actual provider of the VoIP system?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: voip.comIs the actual provider of the VoIP system?
Sally asked 3 years ago

I appreciate this is a strange question but I am having a little issue with the website and I wanted clarification. From what I can see, is not the actual provider and their website simply diverts you to a different site? Is this the case or am I simply clicking on the wrong buttons? Its not really an issue, I just want to be sure of who would be supplying my VoIP service if I were to choose this provider.

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Troy answered 3 years ago

To me it seems as if there are two different websites at work here and I think that indeed is just a forwarding agent and they provide you quotes from other VoIP providers. The main one appears to be – if you click on any of the main links on the website header then they take you to the Broadvoice VoIP website instead. It appears as if the company did provide VoIP services direct, but then they changed to being a forwarding agent instead.

Sarah answered 3 years ago

I’m not sure this is actually correct – the main buttons do indeed to go Broadvoice but if you click on all of the links at the bottom they still go to proper pages? So from what I can see does still provide a VoIP service – whether its through a third party provider or not I am not sure about. I guess your best bet is to contact the customer service team to see what they have to say about the matter – maybe try contacting both customer service and Broadvoice customer service and see if the stories match?

Willy answered 3 years ago

I think that the website has not been updated fully – that would explain why some of the links still point to’s own products and services, and some of the links redirect to Broadvoice. Its very strange either way!

Kim answered 3 years ago

Right, I’ve actually checked the business addresses and they are exactly the same – both and Broadvoice are based at 9221 Corbin Ave. Suite 155, Northridge, CA therefore I would say that they are indeed the same company. Not 100% sure about the two different website links however but from what I can see, they are the same entity.