Is there any hardware I can purchase through VoIP Studio?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VoipStudioIs there any hardware I can purchase through VoIP Studio?
Katie asked 3 years ago

We are thinking about using VoIP Studio as our VoIP provider of choice but we wanted to know if this VoIP provider had any hardware? We want to use a traditional desktop phone that works in tandem with the VoIP systems and still lets us use the full list of features. Does VoIP Studio have any hardware you can purchase such as phones or headsets?

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Sian answered 3 years ago

Yes of course! Most VoIP providers offer some kind of complementary hardware that works with their system and VoIP Studio is no different. VoIP Studio has a range of hardware including desk phones, DECT phones, conference phones, VoIP adapters and basic accessories. The quality of the hardware appears to be top notch and of course the devices are compatible with VoIP Studio’s system.

David answered 3 years ago

Although we haven’t brought any of the desk phones, we have purchased some headsets and accessories from VoIP Studio together with our VoIP package. We went with the Snom MM2 headset which has great voice and sound quality and is also really comfortable to wear too.

Charlie answered 3 years ago

We went ahead and brought the Snom Meeting Point conference call accessory. We appreciate that this is quite expensive (£780.00) but it has really helped our business and improved our conference calls exponentially. The speaker/phone is fantastic and really well put together plus it has an array of different functions and the speaker quality is superb 🙂

Maggie answered 3 years ago

They have a fantastic range of desk phones that work together with their VoIP system. If you prefer to keep desktop phones as opposed to switching to mobiles then the Aastra range is a good option. We are assuming that VoIP Studio has some kind of deal with the phone manufacturers but it might be advisable to also see if you can buy these phones direct – you may be able to get a cheaper deal.

Rena answered 3 years ago

We actually brought a couple of the Cisco SPA3102 voice adapters which are necessary for our VoIP service. This device is a must have in our eyes and the price appeared to be reasonable.

Jackson answered 3 years ago

Yes they do offer a range of hardware but in my opinion, you may as well look at buying any hardware direct from the supplier as VoIP Studio will most likely add a margin on top of the retail price!