Is there an unlimited price plan that provides unlimited calls and messages?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VonageIs there an unlimited price plan that provides unlimited calls and messages?
Terry asked 3 years ago

Our employees make a large volume of calls on a weekly basis therefore it is beneficial for us to have a VoIP service that offers unlimited calls. We accept that the monthly cost may be higher, but we won’t have to worry about keeping track of our call numbers and pouring over bills etc. Does Vonage offer an unlimited price plan? What other price plans are available?

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Callie answered 3 years ago

Yes! The business unlimited plan fits this bill quite well. This comes in at £17.00 per month which is a really cheap rate, especially considering that you get unlimited minutes to UK landlines and mobiles – not sure there are many other VoIP providers who offer this service! This plan also includes all the features that Vonage has to offer – in essence it is their premier price plan. I think as a bonus you actually get a free desktop phone which is a really nice touch too.

Lesley answered 3 years ago

The other price plans are business standard and business unlimited. The price differs for these two price plans based on how many minutes are provided. Looking at it actually, I can’t see the difference between these two plans, everything seems to be the same.

kenyon answered 3 years ago

The business 1000 plan is for multiple phone usage but is limited to a maximum of 1000 free minutes for UK landlines and mobiles. I think you can pay extra if you want to go over those minutes, but you may as well just buy the business unlimited plan for a few pound more. The starter package is just for single line/phone usage I believe.

Suellen answered 3 years ago

You can also add international calling to your price plan too don’t forget. The cost is £3.99 per month extra on top of your plan and it includes unlimited calls to over 30 different international countries for both mobile and landline numbers.