Is there a trial version available of Onsip?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: onsipIs there a trial version available of Onsip?
Tracy asked 3 years ago

We are considering using Onsip for our chosen VoIP system but we would basically like to try before we buy. We don’t feel comfortable jumping into something without seeing what it is about first – we want to get a feel for the features and see what the quality of the calls are like for one. So does Onsip offer a demo version of its VoIP platform and how do we go about applying for it?

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Michael answered 3 years ago

I don’t think you can no, I searched their website for a demo version and couldn’t find one at all. I found this a little disappointing as like you, our business wanted to try before they buy too. We have since moved on to test other VoIP providers who do offer a demo version to try first.

Nigel answered 3 years ago

The guy above is right – Onsip does not provide a demo or trail version. They do have a comprehensive guide however that explains a great deal about their VoIP service and how it works. The explanation page of the guide contains a host of technical info too and the guide really does go into great detail – although you can’t physically test the system you can still see how it works and what to expect.

Brenda answered 3 years ago

The guide is certainly a nice tool – we read through it and found it useful. You can also sign up to Onsip for free which is a consideration. You can register an account and sign up and then start using the platform – this is almost like a demo and you don’t have to commit to anything there and then – maybe you could do that instead?