Is there a resource center for the Vonage VoIP system?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VonageIs there a resource center for the Vonage VoIP system?
Chris asked 3 years ago

We are considering using Vonage as our VoIP provider. We have an IT team and they wanted to know if there was a resource or learning center where you can read about the VoIP service? They enjoy this type of learning and would prefer to watch tutorials and read about the service in their own time so they can learn as the progress. So does the Vonage website have something like this?

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Gary answered 3 years ago

Yes they have an awesome resource centre! They have tons of useful information for those who wish to learn at their own pace. It’s not called the resource page, but this is what you want –

Stacey answered 3 years ago

There is a separate FAQ page too – we found that this has a great number of questions relating to the functionality of the VoIP system. The questions are split down into several different categories such as the smartphone app, making calls and using the Vonage system.

Jodi answered 3 years ago

You can actually download a full PDF guide for using the phone system! Its 23 pages long and it goes through practically all of the advanced features and gives step by step guides on how to use them – I thought this was a really nice touch. We downloaded the guide and distributed it to our staff who found it so helpful.

Rupert answered 3 years ago

Vonage run a blog too which we found fun and insightful to read – you can read about success stories and different clients they have worked with. Furthermore they offer some sound advice and tips for VoIP.

Roger answered 3 years ago

If your IT team enjoys watching videos then Vonage has a superb range of video tutorials on their dedicated tutorial page. They have tutorials on a wide variety of different features including setting up the system and using different features. The videos are well made and informative. They also have a host of white pages too that offer additional information.