Is there a live chat available for the Ring Central platform?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: RingCentralIs there a live chat available for the Ring Central platform?
Chip asked 3 years ago

We always prefer to use a live chat if possible or even an automated AI chatbot. I’m not sure why, we just feel this is a better method of communication and because it’s typed, there is a physical record of what’s transcribed too. Does Ring Central have an online chat system that we can use? If so, what is the service like?

4 Answers
Bernard answered 3 years ago

Yes I think there is a live chat available! I would suggest looking at the contact methods page here and it should list all the available methods of contact – Most companies these days have a chat option so I would be very surprised if Ring Central didn’t.

Preston answered 3 years ago

Yes they do have a live chat and I believe it is operated by a member of the customer service team and not an automated chatbot. To access the live chat, you have to look in the top right hand corner of the Ring Central website; there is a button and link you can press “sales chat”. When you click this a new window will open with the chat pop-up box.

Gale answered 3 years ago

The chat system is really efficient and I have always had a quick response. When you open the chat box it tells you when you are connected to a representative of Ring Central and you can just start typing straight away in the message box at the bottom of the screen.     

Dortha answered 3 years ago

The controls of the chat system are easy to use too – as the person above mentioned you have to type in the message box and then either press enter or send. There is also an option to end the chat, and after you press this, you can then actually save a transcript of the chat as a txt file which is really handy if you need to refer back to it at a later date.