How does the Ring Central VoIP/PBX pricing plans work?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: RingCentralHow does the Ring Central VoIP/PBX pricing plans work?
Sondra asked 3 years ago

We are trying to decide upon a VoIP provider and we are veering towards Ring Central – it seems to be a pretty solid choice. Price is obviously a main concern and we wanted to get an idea of exactly how the Ring Central price plans work and what packages are available? Can you pay monthly? Do you have to pay per user etc? What is included in the price plans? Any info would be superb!

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Karyn answered 3 years ago

The price plans are separated into four different types – entry, standard, premium and ultimate. The prices are as follows – Entry – £7.99, Standard – £14.99, Premium – £19.99, Ultimate – £24.99. I think that the price changes depending on if you pay monthly or annually and also how many users you have. The basic package price is for what features you get.

Emma answered 3 years ago

There is a basic price for each package, but this changes depending on how many users you have. And I should point out that the more users you have, the cheaper it is! For example, if you have the entry package with 100+ users it is £7.99 per month, whereas if you just have it for 1 user then  the price goes up to £12.99 per month. More is cheaper! 🙂

Elias answered 3 years ago

If you pay for your package annually you actually save a whopping 38% which is a really good deal! The price of each package also includes minutes per user, free inbound phone minutes per account, free training from Ring Central, free customer support, unlimited video meetings and more – I think basically every feature is included in the price if it has a green box next to it on the price stage.

Geneva answered 3 years ago

The only other add ons that we could find are free-phone and non-geo numbers and local numbers. Both of these additional items cost £2 per month per number, but this is also dependant on the number chosen.

Danny answered 3 years ago

All of the following features are included in the monthly (or annual price): HD voice, IVR, call recording, single sign-on, audio conference, video meetings, voicemail to email, internet fax, call logs, analytics and reporting, call monitoring and access to the developer platform. I don’t mean that all of these features are available with each package, but if they are included, then you don’t have to pay any extra for them.

Frederic answered 3 years ago

I would just like to say that no contract is required – you can simply pay month by month if you wish, so you are not tied in to a service you are unhappy with.  

Corinne answered 3 years ago

Just remember which no one has pointed out, is that the listed price is PER USER – so the £14.99 per month for the standard plan is actually £14.99 per month PER USER i.e. if you had 5x users, the total monthly cost would be £74.95 per month.