How can I use Grasshopper VoIP?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: GrasshopperHow can I use Grasshopper VoIP?
Gary asked 3 years ago

I love the Grasshopper VoIP features from what I have read – it looks like a solid VoIP system that will really extend the functionality of our telephone system. What I want to know however is what platforms you can use the VoIP service on? Is there a desktop program? Is there a mobile app? If someone could enlighten me that would be epic!

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Melvin answered 3 years ago

Well the main Grasshopper services runs through your desktop computer like any other VoIP service usually would. The desktop program is something that you install like a standard piece of software – you can download it from the Grasshopper website and then follow the installation wizard and then get it setup and running. From this program you can pretty much do everything – make calls, update your address book and enter the admin portal for example.

David answered 3 years ago

There is both a desktop app and a mobile app that you can use to work Grasshopper, I think you can run aspects of it through your web browser too. The desktop app is available on both windows and mac devices and the mobile app is available through the Apple store and the Android Play Store. Both of these apps are fantastic and provide you with the full functionality of the Grasshopper service.

Katie answered 3 years ago

The desktop app allows you to make calls – a cool dial screen appears and you simply type in the name or number of the person you want to call. You can also see your call logs through the desktop app and look at your call history. Furthermore, you can check your voicemails and faxes too – basically you can do everything that you would be able to on a phone from the comfort of your desktop computer!

Yyvonne answered 3 years ago

Our external reps use the mobile app and love it – it helps them use our system and is really easy to use and intuitive.

Liam answered 3 years ago

We use the mobile app – we have transitioned from using desktop phones and now everyone either uses the desktop computer app, or the mobile app – I think about 90% of our workforce actually uses mobiles. As the above have said the mobile app is fantastic! We like the fact that you can keep business and leisure separate – you can use the standard phone functions for personal reasons, and you can use the Grasshopper app for business – really makes things clean cut.