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Tracy asked 3 years ago

I want to talk about the packages offered through and I wanted to see what the best method of communication was? How can I get in touch with a sales rep of – are there any specific communication outlets such as email, phone or live chat?

4 Answers
Andrew answered 3 years ago actually have a range of different contact methods that you can find through their website. I have spoken to their phone support team for help with their packages and they were able to help me out easily. The phone support number is an 1-800 number and you have to go through a series of different menu options to get the support you require but the whole process is easy to use and straightforward.

Peter answered 3 years ago

Aside from the phone number they actually have a web support system too which involves a customer forum. I don’t think the forum is one of the most active I have seen but most of the customer posts on there had answers so it may be worth trying that out too.

Martin answered 3 years ago

Broadvoice who is linked to has a support centre and a separate support number you can contact too. The support centre is split into various different categories and you can search the knowledgebase to find what you are looking for quickly. You can actually login with a business account too. Broadvoice has both a sales and support line which is open 6am – 5pm PST Monday to Friday – I would personally use this contact number to get help and advice on their packages. It’s always better to speak to someone direct if you can.

Arnold answered 3 years ago

You can also contact Broadvoice using the contact form on their contact page – You can tick a box to state if you are interesting in calling plans or not and you only have to provide your name, company name, phone number and email address – the response times seem pretty quick too!