How can I get in touch with Onsip for help with my VoIP system?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: onsipHow can I get in touch with Onsip for help with my VoIP system?
Janice asked 3 years ago

I’ve recently signed up to Onsip VoIP and I have been experiencing a few issues with the platform. I can’t remember receiving any information about customer service when I signed up – I’m sure they gave it me but I just can’t find it. What’s the best customer service contact method to use to get help? Do they have anything like a live chat or a phone number that I can use? Thanks for your help!

4 Answers
Julian answered 3 years ago

One basic method that I often use that is sometimes overlooked is the “help” button in the bottom right hand corner of their website. If you click on this button you are then prompted to ask a question – I think it then uses an automated chatbot that searches through their FAQ to provide a series of answers. I found this a really straightforward way to find information and to troubleshoot the problem I was experiencing – give it a try!

Benny answered 3 years ago

Whenever I have required help (it hasn’t been that often to be fair as the VoIP service I found to be fantastic) I have just called their support number direct – the number can be found at the top of their website and the line is open from 10am I think. I’ve rang the line several times and always had help without any issues – they appeared to know what they were talking about and could help me with my problems fairly quickly.

Gary answered 3 years ago

The support centre is also a fantastic way to get help if you are confident of looking through categories and finding the answers yourself. If you click on the support button at the top you are taken to the support centre – from here there are loads of different tutorials and help section for practically everything – from phone configuration and billing to resources and the InstaCall feature – I would suggest giving this a try first?

Ashley answered 3 years ago

If you are struggling, or if you don’t require an immediate response then you can always submit a request. This is basically the simple traditional contact form you can fill out. You have to enter your email address, subject title, description, and also an Account ID and SIP Address if you have one. What I found useful about the request form is that you can also upload files too to help the situation.