Does Vonage have a good range of standard VoIP call features?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VonageDoes Vonage have a good range of standard VoIP call features?
Lavina asked 3 years ago

Sometimes this is overlooked but for us the basic call features of a phone system is important. Why would you pay large sums of money for a system that doesn’t even cover the basics? What does Vonage VoIP offer in terms of basic call features – transferring, call management and incoming call management for example – forget about flashy advanced features, we just want to know the basics!

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Tilda answered 3 years ago

Yes! The standard features are superb. We agree in that the basic features must be up to scratch and Vonage delivers. If you want basic functionality and easy call management then this is certainly a sound choice for a VoIP provider. Just the little things such as call forwarding, call pickup and call transfer are what make the difference – honestly their basic features really stand out and are comprehensive!

Steffan answered 3 years ago

Here is the full list of basic features – anonymous call rejection, block call redirection, call forwarding, call pickup, call transfer, call waiting, do not disturb, hunt group, sequential ring, simultaneous ring, call return, calling line id delivery, speed dial, 3-way call, 6-way call, call monitoring, voicemail.

Lynne answered 3 years ago

The basic internal features are fantastic – just the simple stuff like a busy lamp field that shows when lines are busy, and the ability to hold calls and put calls in park mode for other people to pickup. Also you can use the intercom mode to buzz through to people if you want to speak to them quickly or if someone is waiting for them for example.

Mathew answered 3 years ago

Although this is a basic function, the call forwarding actually has some advanced abilities too – you can setup calling rules for example and have your calls sent straight to voicemail or diverted to another member of your team for example. This means that basically you never have to turn away a call which is great for business.

Toni answered 3 years ago

Some basic call features really speed up the system too I found like the call return function – you can basically call the last person who rang you with a single button. Also you can pick up any call within your designated group – this makes it great for different teams in your business as they can all answer each other’s calls if they are busy.