Does Vonage exclusively deal with businesses?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VonageDoes Vonage exclusively deal with businesses?
Niccolo asked 3 years ago

This is a strange one but I was considering using a VoIP service for my home usage too. I think Vonage looks like a good service for my business, but it would be awesome if I could use it at home too. Does Vonage have a home VoIP service, if so, what are the rates and what does it entail?

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Felic answered 3 years ago

No actually they provide both a home and business service! Their business service for medium to large sized businesses has one set of pricing plans and then there is a separate pricing structure for home users and small businesses. I think that the business side is their main area of expertise, but the home packages certainly look interesting too!

Drake answered 3 years ago

Yes they have a home VoIP package available! You can see full details of their home package here – basically you can use Vonage in your home as a residential user, or as a small business user (lets say you are running a cake making business from your home for example and only need one user/line). They state that you can save over £200 annually by using the Vonage home package. 🙂

Christen answered 3 years ago

The home package is really good actually and could serve as an alternative to a standard phone line rental package. There is no line rental required, the package has 20+ VoIP features, and the price plans start from just £8.50 per month which I think is reasonable.

Keri answered 3 years ago

There is two different packages for the home VoIP system. There is the Talk Uk package at £9.25 per month, and the premium package at £12.25 per month. The Talk UK package gives unlimited UK calls, and the premium package gives unlimited UK calls and unlimited international calls to 5 countries. You can add an additional world option for £4.50 per month which adds unlimited international calls to over 60 countries.

Zack answered 3 years ago

The Vonage extensions app is predominantly for home users so yes they definitely have a home part to their business.