Does Vokophone offer a solid range of call management features?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VokoPhoneDoes Vokophone offer a solid range of call management features?
Lilly asked 3 years ago

We are hopefully taking our business into the modern era and implementing a VoIP system. At the moment we are not very knowledagble about this type of technology but we do know that a VoIP should have a great range of features that makes call management easier. Does Vokophone have a sound set of call management features?

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Jason answered 3 years ago

Yes! We love the Vokophone call management features and they do make using their VoIP phone system that much easier. They offer some great features that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as a must, but once you start using them you wonder how you managed without them before! To name a few off of the top of my head we have call transfer, call forwarding, call mute and extension dial – these are basic but are a must for any VoIP platform. There are other important features too such as conference calling and dial by name directory.

Paul answered 3 years ago

In terms of basic call management features Vokophone certainly excels. We benefit from call transfer features that allow us to transfer calls internally within our business or even to external lines too. Furthermore you can set up a caller ID system that displays users in your directory – so for example our manager might ring up – it would display her name instead of the number so we know who is calling. The call parking feature is great too – we can put people on hold easily if their is a call queue.

Ian answered 3 years ago

For us the extension dial is one of the best features – we have a large number of different office employees therefore it can get really confusing trying to remember everyone’s number. Using extension dial we can quickly ring other employees in the office and also transfer calls easily using those extensions. Can’t fault the features of Vokophone at all really!

Ophelia answered 3 years ago

Yes the call management features are fantastic! Certainly make this VoIP service stand out. Vokophone offers a variety of basic call management features and you can find the full list here – – if you scroll down you can see exactly what they offer. We like the auto attendant feature which has allowed us to create a series of options and lists for our customers to follow so they can be directed quicker to the right department. Great VoIP service and superb features!