Does VoIP Studio have a dedicated sales number?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VoipStudioDoes VoIP Studio have a dedicated sales number?
Jeoffry asked 3 years ago

Our business wants to transfer to a VoIP solution and we are looking at VoIP Studio. We would prefer to speak to someone direct as opposed to sending an email or simply looking at information on a website. To that end, is there a contact number for the VoIP Studio sales team? Do they even have a sales team or a customer service department? If someone could point us in the right direction that would be awesome!

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Mary answered 3 years ago

Hi! Firstly I would like to say that VoIP Studio is a great provider if you are considering using them! And yes they do indeed have a contact number – the North American office number is +1 414 435 9680 – try this if you want to speak to someone – the only thing it doesn’t state however is the office opening times!

Gareth answered 3 years ago

It would help if you told us where your business was based then we could give the most accurate phone number J They actually have a range of different support centres around the world including in Australia, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Spain and other European countries. I would recommend checking out their contact page for a full list of numbers.

Francis answered 3 years ago

I appreciate you said that you would prefer to use a phone, but if you want to speak to someone direct you can also use the live chat function! We have used the live chat several times as a business and we have always had great results from the sales and customer service teams. If you click on the “click to chat” button at the bottom of the web page then a new window will open and you just have to enter your email and name before you can proceed. Give it a try – you will get the results you require!

Richard answered 3 years ago

The support centre is also a great place to get help and information – I think you have to have an account to use this, but you can access the support centre if you have made use of the free trial. From here you can find out a huge array of information relating to the VoIP studio service and features 🙂