Does offer a facility for international calls?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: voip.comDoes offer a facility for international calls?
Gabbie asked 3 years ago

Our business makes quite a lot of international calls therefore I need to know that this function is available before purchasing a VoIP service. Furthermore, I need to know if there is any associated cost. What does offer in terms of international calling and other non-standard call features?

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Kelly answered 3 years ago has several standard packages – all of which come with 60 free minutes of international calling per month. Only a select list of countries are included and I have been struggling to find this list which is annoying! I guess if you are making calls then 60 minutes per month really won’t be enough – you could use that in one important phone call! I think they do offer a series of paid features though so I guess you could add more international minutes into your package perhaps?

Tammy answered 3 years ago

Yes they do offer 60 minutes of international calling. The paid features the above guy talks about are just direct international dialling and the fact that says they offer the lowest international rates – that’s not really much comfort if you are making international calls on a daily basis. Some of the rates can be seen, for example, Brazil is $0.023 p/minute, Italy is $0.014 and Portugal is $0.019 – most European countries seem to have a reasonable price.

Francesca answered 3 years ago

Guys you are both missing the world plan options! actually offers a series of “world plan” packages for those who require a great number of international minutes per month. They have a 24 month term at $19.95, 12 month term at $22.95, month to month contract at $24.95 and a pre-paid contract at $179.95 which works out at $14.99 per month. This package comes with 1200 international minutes per month – that’s more like it! Thats 20 hours of international phone calls – not to shabby at all really and the cost isn’t that much more compared to the standard plan.

Juan answered 3 years ago

Broadvoice actually offers an additional extra you can add onto your plan which allows for unlimited usage to 60 international destinations and 29 mobile destinations. The full list is here – but some countries include are the UK, Turkey, Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Iceland and Japan. Basically most of the larger economical countries in the world.