Does 8×8 VoIP offer any tailored solutions for different industries?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: 8x8Does 8×8 VoIP offer any tailored solutions for different industries?
Kev asked 3 years ago

We have looked at some other VoIP providers and they don’t seem to offer ant specialised service for different industries. We wondered if 8×8 had anything like this? Do they offer specific solutions for certain industries such as insurance, transport or manufacturing for example?

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Shanon answered 3 years ago

Yes they do! They go into quite great detail for this too – they have a range of different VoIP business phone system for certain industries. I am not sure what this entails though – it might not actually be anything different other than their main business plans – could just be a SEO ploy.

Ashely answered 3 years ago

if you actually look here – https://www.8× you can see a breakdown of what they have to offer for each different industry. For example they have solutions for – government, education, healthcare, high-tech, retail, collections, insurance, legal, transportation, outsourcing, manufacturing and recruitment.:)

Kimberley answered 3 years ago

If you actually look at the pages the guy has listed above then you will see that they are more a promotional tool. 8×8 doesn’t actually offer any packages specifically for a certain industry. For example the insurance page just shows a testimonial from a business in the insurance industry together with a list of benefits for this type of VoIP service.