Do you need any hardware to use Grasshopper VoIP?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: GrasshopperDo you need any hardware to use Grasshopper VoIP?
Davie asked 3 years ago

As the question states – do I need to purchase any hardware to use Grasshopper VoIP? I wanted to use a VoIP system to remove the need to expensive telephone lines etc. What are the minimum hardware requirements for Grasshopper and can I expect a reduced outlay in comparison to a traditional telephony system?

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Troy answered 3 years ago

No! I guess that is the whole point of having a VoIP service – you don’t have to invest in an expensive telephone system and keep replacing the desktop phones. This is partly why the cost of a VoIP service is so cheap in comparison to a traditional telephony system.

Trinny answered 3 years ago

You CAN use hardware – you can use a proper phone if you wish but it is advisable to just use the Grasshopper desktop or mobile app instead as it saves a great deal on cost.

Freddy answered 3 years ago

Both of these answers are partially true but not 100 % correct – think about it logically – how can you use a VoIP service through your desktop computer without any hardware? How would you make a call and speak? The bare minimum requirements for a VoIP service (unless your computer has a built in microphone) is a microphone or headset – you obviously need something to talk through! Yes you don’t need a phone, but you do need something to record your voice i.e. a mic or headset! In comparison to a whole phone system, the cost of a few headsets is fractional!

Gavin answered 3 years ago

The outlay in comparison to a traditional telephone system is minimal – consider the cost of a traditional phone system – you need expensive desktop phones, jack points and a host of cabling too. In comparison, all you need in a VoIP system is your computer and an internet connection, the desktop app, and a microphone – you should already have computers and internet so the only additional cost is the microphones and the cost of the VoIP rental.