Do I need an engineer to come and install the VoIP system?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VonageDo I need an engineer to come and install the VoIP system?
Cyrus asked 3 years ago

We are not very technical and we have limited knowledge when it comes to IT and phone systems. Due to this fact, we wanted to know if the Vonage VoIP system was easy to install? Would we need a technical engineer to come out or do you think we could install it by ourselves?

3 Answers
Gianni answered 3 years ago

They state on their website that you can install the VoIP system easily – I think all you have to do is plug the VoIP system in and then install the program on your desktop computer or connect the VoIP app and you are good to go!

Cameron answered 3 years ago

You basically use your own business or home internet connection to make the VoIP system work. You are supplied with a Vonage Box which has all the information contained within – you need to connect that to your own internet router (Like a Sky box) and then connect any desktop phones you have into the hub too, and connect any smartphones wirelessly. Its quite straight forward really and even someone with little to no technical knowledge can figure it out.

Willie answered 3 years ago

The Vonage box comes with instructions and it is really easy to setup! Furthermore check out this page for more information – Also I would recommend checking out the resources and tutorials for more help! You definitely don’t need an engineer to install the system!