Can you use Ring Central in conjunction with any other services or apps?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: RingCentralCan you use Ring Central in conjunction with any other services or apps?
karyn asked 3 years ago

Ring Central looks to be an awesome VoIP PBX Cloud service but we just wanted to check if it had any extra functionality. Are there any integrations that you can use in conjunction with Ring Central or are there any different ways that you can use the service with third-party programs?

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Iris answered 3 years ago

Yes! This is one area Ring Central really does excel! They actually have a range of different integrations you can use in conjunction with the app that I feel really help and improve the service. You can use a range of integrations that improve call handling, cloud storage, customer support, and web presence too.

Staci answered 3 years ago

The list of current integrations includes Microsoft, Google, Desk Integration, Okta, Salesforce, Zendesk, Box, DropBox, Oracle and ServiceNow. The integrations are all easy to use and straightforward and offer a great deal of customization too. I think you can even develop your own integrations too using the Ring Central developers API.

Keegan answered 3 years ago

The cloud storage integrations such as DropBox and Box are fantastic for the transfer and storage of documents. The DropBox integration allows you to store things such as voicemails and call logs. Furthermore you can create custom messages and more to conference calls and retrieve important info such a presentations and financial files during conference calls if you need to refer to them.

Eulalia answered 3 years ago

Concerning Microsoft, there is actually Ring Central for Outlook which lets you use the Ring Central VoIP platform through Microsoft Outlook. This means that you can integrate your emails, email contacts and address book into your phone system and have improved functionality for both processes.

Evi answered 3 years ago

You can even use Ring Central in tandem with Google’s G Suite which I think is one of the best features they offer. You can basically use Ring Central and G Suite from your web browser so you can do multiple things at once like surf the web and make calls – fantastic!