Can you purchase any VoIP hardware through 8×8 VoIP?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: 8x8Can you purchase any VoIP hardware through 8×8 VoIP?
Perina asked 3 years ago

We are fairly certain that we want to use 8×8, but we also want to use desktop phones and even maybe have one of those cool conference call phones for our meeting room. As we will more than likely be using 8×8, we wanted to know if they sold any hardware such as phones or headsets – it just makes the buying process easier as we can get everything from one supplier?

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Juan answered 3 years ago

Yes you can! Check out their equipment page – https://www.8× full list of various different pieces of equipment here such as phones and headsets.

Siobahn answered 3 years ago

They have a range of IP phones, cordless IP phones, IP conference phones, adapters and accessories. They all appear to be fantastic quality and I agree that it is much simpler to use the same provider to purchase both your VoIP system and hardware.

Cormack answered 3 years ago

Their range of conference phones is cool – they have 5 different conference call phones available for purchase ranging from a basic conference call phone right up to an awesome touch screen model. If you really want to go all out then you have to purchase the Polycome RealPresence Trio 8800 – this is a touch screen conference phone that 8×8 sell and it just looks awesome!

Tina answered 3 years ago

Yes they do – they offer phones and accessories too. The accessories include headsets, routers, adapters and even webcams too.