Can you create an automated receptionist using Grasshopper VoIP?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: GrasshopperCan you create an automated receptionist using Grasshopper VoIP?
Daniel asked 3 years ago

One of the main reasons we wanted to use Grasshopper VoIP and a VoIP system was to create an automated receptionist – you know, one of those phone systems where if you ring up, you get a pre-recorded voice saying “press option 1 for so and so, and press option 2 for so and so”. We think something like this can help our business greatly and improve the efficiency of our call transferring etc. Is this something Grasshopper can offer?

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Nathan answered 3 years ago

I think so yes although they don’t explicitly call it an automated receptionist – I think they have a different name for it like custom main greeting or something. Have a look on their features page – the full details will be on there –

Roger answered 3 years ago

Yes as the lady above mentioned, they have a custom main greeting feature which in effect is an auto attendant. We have used the auto attendant feature and it is really easy to use and highly customizable – if you want to go overboard you could create an immense list of options for practically every eventuality in your business.

Ryan answered 3 years ago

We have used the auto attendant feature (Custom Main Greeting in Grasshopper terms) to great effect. We have made an awesome intro and then provided transfer options for our main departments – sales, accounts, maintenance and shipping. You can create an automated tree almost – so after someone presses 1 for sale for example, we have then created further options branching off from this – 1 for new customers, 2 for existing customers etc – its fantastic!

Vera answered 3 years ago

Taken straight from the Grasshopper website – “  Custom Main Greeting “Thank you for calling ABC Company… for sales, press 1…” The main greeting is the first thing a caller hears when calling your Grasshopper number. Welcome callers and direct them to departments, employees and information. Completely customizable, your main greeting will make your small business sound like a big company.” There you have it in black and white.

Veronica answered 3 years ago

Yes yes and yes Grasshopper has a wonderful auto attendant feature! We have used this like many other businesses and our customers have commented on how quick they can get through to the rep they need – it has saved a great deal of hassle and confusion – our customers can literally pick the options they require and get transferred straight away – no mess at all! 🙂