Can you buy any accompanying hardware to suit the Vonage VoIP service?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VonageCan you buy any accompanying hardware to suit the Vonage VoIP service?
Fred asked 3 years ago

We think that the Vonage VoIP service looks superb and we are impressed with the different features and the price plans. Although we are transferring to a VoIP service, we still want to keep a few of our desks equipped with desk phones. Does Vonage sell any hardware and phones to work in conjunction with their VoIP service?

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George answered 3 years ago

In short, yes! Vonage sell a quality range of desktop phones that work with their system. If you look at their price plan you can actually see that their packages come with a free pOlycom VVX101 desktop phone for every line you purchase – the phone is valued at £49 and it’s a pretty decent model too!

Robbie answered 3 years ago

Yes they have a great range of different desktop phones and other accessories  that work well with their VoIP system. The full list of phones can be found here – . The phones range from basic desktop models with standard functionality right through to complex those with a host of built in VoIP features.

Jordan answered 3 years ago

I think they must have a deal with Polycom or something as all their phones listed are Polycom models. We have personally used the Polycome VVX400 – it is certainly not one of the most expensive phones available but it has a fantastic display and the quality of the calls through the earpiece is superb.

Bess answered 3 years ago

They do a range of cordless phones too which are good value. We have used the Panasonic KXT-GP600 – our manager’s love this cordless phone with the Vonage – they can walk around the office and keep an eye on us and still take important calls haha! But seriously the phones are good quality and if you want to use desktop phones then you can’t go wrong with the models in their range.