Can we try Ring Central before we make a purchase?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: RingCentralCan we try Ring Central before we make a purchase?
Garvill asked 3 years ago

Basically our business wants to transfer to a VoIP service and we have narrowed it down to Ring Central, Vonage and nextiva. We want to try each product before we choose one so we wanted to know if there is a demo version or a free trial available of Ring Central? If there is, how does this feature work?

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Pearle answered 3 years ago

I don’t think there is any need to do a free trial really – just read the various reviews about Ring Central and you will see just how amazing the platform is! Furthermore, I would suggest looking at YouTube – there is a host of different videos available that show how Ring Central works and what you can expect from the system. I think you have to provide your business details in order to get a trial – seems a little over the top.

Reginald answered 3 years ago

Yes you can view a live demo of Ring Central VoIP! If you look at the bottom of the website, and on pretty much every page you can see a View Demo button. Just click this to see a demo and you can look what its all about! 🙂

Dayna answered 3 years ago

To add to the above message, when you apply for the guided demo its not just a simple case of clicking the demo button and watching stuff – you have to actually apply to view the demo. When you click the button you have to fill out some details including name, email address, phone number, number of employees and country – once you have done that you can then view the demo.

Zach answered 3 years ago

The demo is a series of different videos that shows how Ring Central works. There is 6 videos in total and each one has been carefully crafted and really does give a good overview of the system. Furthermore there is also an interactive mobile guide that you can look at too for info on how the smartphone app works.

Sandy answered 3 years ago

You can have a free no commitment trial of Ring Central for each of the different price plans available. If you go on the pricing page then you can simply click the free trial button – you have to fill out details as with the demo but after that its straight forward.