Can Jive VoIP integrate with any other products/platforms?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: JiveCan Jive VoIP integrate with any other products/platforms?
Tracey asked 3 years ago

As the title states we want to know if Jive can be integrated with any other platforms? We know that some VoIP platforms have integration capabilities which can extend their functionality greatly. I think you can integrate some VoIPs into analytical programs such as Google analytics for example. How does Jive compare? Can you integrate anything into this service?

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Vera answered 3 years ago

Yes there is a wide range of integrations and I feel that this is certainly a strong point of Jive – check this page out for the full list! At a glance however there is a host of different CRM platforms you can integrate with Jive to improve your VoIP management and analytics.

Jennifer answered 3 years ago

As the lady mentioned above there are plenty of different platforms you can integrate Jive with and the list keeps expanding – it looks as if Jive are committed to improving their list of integrations and providing further accessibility for their customers which is superb. Most notable integrations include Google, Microsoft and Redtail.

Michael answered 3 years ago

Jive can be integrated into Google which we found to be hugely advantageous – you can use the Google single sign on tool and also initiate calls using the click to call function in Google Chrome. So this means that you can click on phone numbers on websites and marketing pieces and Jive will dial the number – its simple things like this that really go a long way to make this a top service! 🙂

Simone answered 3 years ago

We make use of the Salesforce CRM package and integration with Jive. The Salesforce widge Jive offers provides a great deal of functionality and is a superb tool to help manage your business and VoIP operation. The Google and Microsoft integrations are also pretty handy, especially for the click to call function.

Customer answered 3 years ago

The current list of integrations includes – Salesforce, Redtail, Zoho, Google, Apple, Android and Microsoft. Jive are apparently working on integrations with Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics and Dealer Socket in the future too.