Can I try VoIP Studio for free before I make a purchase?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VoipStudioCan I try VoIP Studio for free before I make a purchase?
Victor asked 3 years ago

As the title says! We as a business don’t really want to commit to something beforehand without trying it. We can gain a much better idea of what we are working with if we can actually use it. So is there either a demo version of VoIP Studio, or can you sign up and try a free trial version of the platform?   

4 Answers
Julian answered 3 years ago

Yes! I believe there is actually both a demo version you can look at there and then through the web browser and you can also apply for a free trial too! So two ways to try before you buy!

Paul answered 3 years ago

The free trial is a fantastic way to trial VoIP Sutdio. You have to fill out some information beforehand including name, email address and account details too (you have to register an account). You also have to select a price plan and the country of origin you wish to start the VoIP trial for. Its all verified and reviewed on Trust Pilot so it seems legit – not sure what happens after you submit the request though! 😐

Charles answered 3 years ago

I can answer the above – yes you can do a free trial. Once you have filled out the required information, an email confirmation is sent providing the next set of instructions – its quite straightforward really and its a no-strings attached way of sampling VoIP Studio before committing to a plan.

Sharon answered 3 years ago

If you want a quick and easy way to look at the control panel and administration features of VoIP Studio then you should check out the demo! The demo version gives you access to a mock control panel. You can look at the dashboard and see how the panel works and features such as contacts, call history and billing too. There is also data that you can look at such as call destinations and spending trends – this is a really useful way to get accustomed to the VoIP Studio admin interface at least.