Can I transfer our old business phone numbers to Vokophone?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VokoPhoneCan I transfer our old business phone numbers to Vokophone?
Frank asked 3 years ago

Our business would like to start using a VoIP service and we have looked at Vokophone – it appears to be a fantastic service with a great deal of features. What we need to know however is if we can use our current phone numbers and transfer them to the Vokophone system. All our marketing has our phone number on, therefore if we have to change our numbers then it will mean re-issuing all of our marketing and this is something we really can’t afford to do!

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Daffydd answered 3 years ago

I actually wanted to know this too and I really struggled to find the information on the Vokophone website. I would assume that they do offer port forwarding but I guess when implementing a VoIP service in a business you have to be 100% sure – as you said the cost to re-issue all your marketing could be high. I would suggest contacting their customer support team via the live chat and ask – their response time is usually fantastic.

Hera answered 3 years ago

You have to dig a little harder to find the answer but it is there! Yes they do allow you to transfer your existing business numbers and it states that clearly on the features page.

Kylie answered 3 years ago

I found this answer in the support center – the support center has a myriad of information about the service for both new and existing customers. If you check the new customers section you can see two drop downs – one states “keep existing numbers” with the response saying “Yes, you can transfer your phone number to Voko. Both residential and business numbers, including toll free 800 numbers, all can be transferred.” and the other stats “Days to transfer existing numbers” with the response stating “7-10 business days.” So in short, yes you can transfer your numbers and it takes up to 10 working days for the process to be completed.

Hannah answered 3 years ago

We have been using Vokophone for some time now and we transferred all our existing numbers across to the new VoIP system. It was something we were really concerned about too but don’t worry – the process was easy. Just be sure to state clearly that you want your existing numbers transferred and that you have made a list of all the numbers so nothing gets missed. It took 7 days for our numbers to be transferred but the transition period was smooth and we never had to use a substitute number or anything like that.