Can 8×8 provide resources and offer tutorials or learning facilities?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: 8x8Can 8×8 provide resources and offer tutorials or learning facilities?
Joanne asked 3 years ago

We want to learn for ourselves about the 8×8 platform as we get used to it. We feel that learning for ourselves is better. So what can 8×8 offer in terms of self-learning? Does the 8×8 website have any resources? Is there an online community or forum? What about and FAQ section or tutorials? Anything like that we would like to know about – cheers!

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Daniela answered 3 years ago

There is a dedicated resource centre on their website that has a host of useful learning information – https://www.8× I would suggest having a look through here and seeing what you can find! I don’t think there is a community forum though.

Steve answered 3 years ago

Yes the resource centre is fantastic – we have used it many times to find out information and to learn more about the 8×8 VoIP platform. You can find loads on information like white papers, data sheets, infographics, case studies and webinars. I’ve personally spent hours looking through the white papers and data sheets.

Allan answered 3 years ago

If you like visual learning then 8×8 has a load of videos in its resource centre that you can watch. https://www.8× They have videos on a range of different subjects such as their contact centre service, virtual office setup, analytics and more.

Sharon answered 3 years ago

I found the webinars extremely useful and they give real advice on how to use the VoIP system and other aspects of 8×8’s business. There is over 20 different webinars covering a range of subjects.

Liam answered 3 years ago

If you go on the “us” page then you can see their FAQ section too which has some decent questions and answers about the 8×8 products and admin. Questions include “how do I power cycle my network”, “how do I activate my 8×8 desk phones” for example.