Are there any resources or guides that I can use to learn more about VoIP Studio?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VoipStudioAre there any resources or guides that I can use to learn more about VoIP Studio?
Harry asked 3 years ago

We have started using VoIP Studio and so far we are really happy with the service. I have been tasked with managing the system however so I want to learn as much as possible about VoIP Studio so our business can reap the full benefits of this fantastic system. Is there any reading material, guides or tutorials that I can look at to improve my knowledge and understanding of VoIP Studio?

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Gerald answered 3 years ago

I would first recommend looking through the features page – If you look at all of the features available then you will have a greater understanding of what you could potentially do with the VoIP platform. Once you know the basics, then you can look at how you can implement some of the advanced features.

Larry answered 3 years ago

They have a whole dedicated resources section – look at the main website navigation in-between the blog and pricing buttons. This resource centre has a myriad of different links such as support, tutorials, and case studies and downloads. I’m sure you can find some awesome information here!

Simon answered 3 years ago

The tutorial section is one of the most comprehensive areas if you are looking for information! This can be found in the resources section. There must be 20+ different tutorials about various aspects of the VoIP Studio platform and they are really straightforward and detailed! Each tutorial takes the form of a YouTube video that has a voiceover and step by step instructions. If you want to learn about the features then this is the best section to use in my opinion!

Ashley answered 3 years ago

I would agree that the tutorials section is superb but don’t forget about the User Manuals too! If you click on the resources button and then support you are taken to the support page. There is three different manuals – the user manual, receptionist manual, and administrator manual. You will benefit from reading all three, and I think you should distribute the user manual to all the people who are using the system too as they will find it really useful!

Derrick answered 3 years ago

I can think of one more suitable section and that is the FAQ’s – the FAQ section provides a host of questions and answers on various subjects of the VoIP Studio platform. I would suggest reading through these questions to learn more about the potential issues and problems!