Are there any reputable reviews of the Vonage VoIP service and company?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: VonageAre there any reputable reviews of the Vonage VoIP service and company?
Lidia asked 3 years ago

We have looked at several different VoIP companies and we are considering Vonage, 8×8 and Grasshopper. Before we jump in we want to hear what actual customers have to say as this is the best form of review you can get. What reviews are available of Vonage? Are there any reputable reviews available from sites such as Trust Pilot for example? TVM!

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Lonnie answered 3 years ago

This website has a host of honest and useful Vonage reviews! Check out the Q&A page and the customer reviews section too and you will see a variety of different reviews. There is a mix of positive, neutral and negative reviews too so its not just all biased fluff. This site is really a great place to find reviews and don’t forget that you can find reviews on other VoIP providers too.

Nicholas answered 3 years ago

They actually have a link on their website to their Trust Pilot score – not sure I would be posting it though! The overall Trust Pilot score is “Average” with 58% excellent score but 21% bad which isn’t great. I have scanned through the Trust Pilot reviews and it seems to be a really mixed bunch – some businesses simply love the service whereas others have had bad experiences. I would have a look at these reviews but judge them with a pinch of salt!

Elias answered 3 years ago

PC mag have actually done a review of Vonage and it is quite favourable! They list the pros such as the call quality, simple setup and great support, and the only drawbacks are the lack of text or video functionality. The “bottom line” statement is quite helpful too and gives a good summary –

Goldie answered 3 years ago

From our personal experience our business has enjoyed a favourable relationship with Vonage. Their customer service is indeed fantastic and the quality of the calls is second to none. The price is certainly not overly expensive too in comparison to some other VoIP providers – we would recommend it!