Are there any positive Onsip reviews available on the web?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: onsipAre there any positive Onsip reviews available on the web?
Paul asked 3 years ago

We are going to transition to a VoIP service and we want to be fully aware of the different services available. We have currently looked at Nextiva, Grasshopper, 8×8 and Vokophone and now we are gathering information about Onsip. Can someone provide any insight into this VoIP provider? Are there any useful reviews that can give us the low down on Onsip? Thanks in advance!

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Katie answered 3 years ago

Yes! This website has loads of good reviews – there is the actual main review itself which breaks down the main pointers of OnSip and its features. There is also a series of customer experiences and reviews – they are short paragraphs but provide great insight from people and businesses who have actually used the service – great source of reviews for sure! check out that link – and you can see the four different tabs – review, q&a (this section) and user experiences.

Liam answered 3 years ago

There is actually a huge variety of reviews and testimonials from Onsip customers on their website which I found to be an interesting read. check out this section. You can look at the different industries that Onsip serve and can see a load of case studies from actual customers – its always reassuring to see real reviews and read about other customer experiences.

Freddy answered 3 years ago

If you search on Google then you can find a myriad of different review websites. IMO this is one of the best sites as it has a load of detailed info. There are others though. I would just search Google and look through a variety of the different review websites plus this one – you should then have a great idea of what Onsip has to offer!

Richard answered 3 years ago

I can give you an honest review – for us Onsip has certainly been a standout VoIP platform – we would recommend it to anyone and have had no issues whatsoever!

Willy answered 3 years ago

Definitely check out the reviews on this website. We have used Onsip for some time and love the platform. The call quality is superb and we have made extensive use of the range of features this platform has to offer. The customer service is second to none too – they really care about their customers unlike some other VoIP providers. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Onsip to another business!