Are there any positive Jive reviews available?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: JiveAre there any positive Jive reviews available?
Jessica asked 3 years ago

I have been tasked with sourcing as VoIP service for our business and I have been looking at Jive. I have looked at a few other providers too such as Grasshopper and 8×8 but am just trying to get all my information together first. So reviews are an important thing to consider – what Jive reviews are available? Are they mainly positive? Are there any hugely negative reviews? Any info or links you can provide would be great!

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Marylin answered 3 years ago

Yes there are a host of positive reviews for Jive – it certainly appears to be a reputable VoIP service with plenty of positives. If you look on their website in the testimonials section then you can see a host of reviews from pleased customers. The testimonials aren’t just starry-eyed reviews that gloss over everything either – these reviews are from trusted companies such as G2 Crowd, Yelp and Trust Pilot.

Dillard answered 3 years ago

If you check out this website then you can find an in-depth review of the whole VoIP service and individual customer reviews too. I personally spent quite some time pouring through the different reviews on several of the VoIP services. I found the customer insights to be hugely helpful – check out this whole section, so much useful information here!

Joanne answered 3 years ago

We have only ever had a positive experience with Jive in all aspects of their service. The customer service has always been fantastic – the staff are helpful and knowledgeable. The platform and VoIP service itself has also always served us well – the call quality is spot on and the administration is quite easy.

Chris answered 3 years ago

If you have a look on Google then you can find a wide array of different reviews. The ones found on Yelp are particularly interesting – quite a mixed bag really! Some hugely positive 5 star reviews, and then quite a few 1 star negative reviews. If you read through these then you should gain a general oversight of what you can expect from this company. Always take reviews such as these with a pinch of salt however as people can be biased!

Robert answered 3 years ago

We had a mixed experience with Jive – the platform itself was fine but we felt that the customer service lacked at times. The response time wasn’t fantastic and we had to chase numerous times to get an answer to our issues. Overall we were satisfied with the service but it certainly wasn’t perfect.