Are there any Nextiva VoIP reviews?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: nextivaAre there any Nextiva VoIP reviews?
Jason asked 3 years ago

I have been trying to decide on a VoIP provider and I think I am going to settle on Nextiva – before I committed to it however I wanted to check on the reviews to see what other customers thought of the service? Can anyone provide me with some honest reviews or links to customer opinions of Nextiva VoIP? Thanks in advance!

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Ellie answered 3 years ago

Well you can find a host of awesome reviews through this website in fact! If you go to: then click on the review section and user experiences you can find a whole host of different opinions about the platform. I’ve read through most of the user experiences and it gives a really good oversight of what this platform has to offer. Our business has started using Nextiva and we are really happy with the results – it just seems like a solid VoIP service with some cool features and a great deal of flexibility 🙂

Richard answered 3 years ago

If you look on Nextiva’s “our customers” page you can actually see a list of customer who use the service together with some testimonials. If you click on the links then you can read various case studies about the product and the customers that actually use Nextiva. Yes they are obviously contrived but the customer are real and the testimonials are actually packed full of useful information so don’t simply dismiss them as marketing – I think they do have great value. And yes as the person above me stated, this actual website has some fantastic review information for Nextiva and a heap of customer experiences too which I found really beneficial.

Mary answered 3 years ago

I’ve had a look on Google and you can find some Nextiva VoIP reviews certainly – I think this website has some of the most comprehensive and realistic reviews though. You get a wide variety of reviews and they aren’t all positive too so you can understand the positive and negative aspects of the service. I have used Nextiva myself and have always found the platform to be fantastic – the features are spot on and the quality of the calls and program is brilliant. I actually noticed that on their blog they have a whole article dedicated to customer reviews too which had some really interesting information on – check it out and see what you think!

Lewis answered 3 years ago

I’ve looked on trust pilot and Nextiva has a 4.5 star rating so it must be good! There are plenty of review website on Google and many businesses have given the Nextiva VoIP service a thumbs up and praised its features and pricing structure too.

David answered 3 years ago

I’ll give you my honest opinion about Nextiva – the service is superb! The setup was easy, the actual platform itself is easy to use and intuitive and the quality of the VoIP calls are fantastic – I was expecting the quality to be terrible as its through your internet connection but it really surprised me. I would definitely recommend Nextiva to any small to mid sized business looking to transition from a telephony system to a VoIP. The reviews on this website are spot on and trust pilot has some interesting facts and stats too.