Are there any additional extras you can pay for?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: onsipAre there any additional extras you can pay for?
Terry asked 3 years ago

We have been evaluating the different VoIP providers and we have been looking closely at Onsip. The basic packages seems ok and the prices don’t seem too shabby either. What we are looking for is the list of additional features that you have to pay for – some VoIP providers charge extra for things like conference calls and voicemail recordings – does Onsip have any paid additional extras or is everything included in the price?

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Harold answered 3 years ago

Yes there are a range of “A La Carte Apps” that you can purchase in addition to your basic package. In my opinion I feel these are a little overpriced – for example, On Hold music works out at $4.95 per channel per month. I guess these additional extras are offset by the cheaper prices of the standard packages – the pay as you go package for example is $0.00 per month and you simply pay for line usage therefore the extras might seem beneficial.

Shelly answered 3 years ago

Onsip provides a range of additional extras – unfortunately most of these are features that you would require for a VoIP service. In my opinion, other VoIP providers offer these features for free and they are usually included in the standard price. If you want an all-inclusive service then Onsip is NOT the best choice.

Ginny answered 3 years ago

The additional features that are chargeable include – voicemail, hold music, attendant menu, ring group, dial by name directory, call recording, simple queue, busy lamp field, call parking, inbound bridge, enhanced hold music, on net conference suite and conference suit bundle. If you look at their pricing page then you can find out exactly how much each of these features costs – its not cheap!

Danny answered 3 years ago

As other people have said, yes Onsip has a range of extras. For us, we felt that the monthly cost would be too high to get the features we wanted. For example, we would require hold music, attendant menu, voicemail, dial by name directory and simple queue – this would work out at a staggering $54.80 on top of the standard price – some of these features should not be charged for!

Aiden answered 3 years ago

We have made use of the Voicemail add on ($2.00 per box), and the hold music add on ($4.95 per channel). We didn’t feel that the cost was too high and the basic package price is reasonable therefore for us, the overall cost was still on par with industry standards. We could see how some other businesses may find the prices high however as they can soon add up!